Comfort and Warmth

Since this blanket drive has started I have heard from so many that the one common denominator in going through chemotherapy was for the patient to have something near them to provide comfort.  The story of a breast cancer patient having a small silk blanket to put underneath her shirt to provide comfort as she went through therapy is just one small example.   There are many cancer patients who have a strong support system, whether it comes from their friends or their family or both.  However, there are many patients who are battling this terrible disease alone.   With your help our blanket donations will not only provide comfort and warmth but also help the patients who are going through chemotherapy to know they are indeed not alone.   Every time these chemotherapy patients will use your donated blanket, they will not only have physical warmth & comfort, they will have that very same feeling in their heart knowing they are not alone.  We are so grateful and thank you for your fleece blanket donations.  Together we are all making a HUGE difference for chemotherapy patients.


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