The Isaiah Alonso Foundation

Today, Layers of Love is proud to announce that we are now working hard to collect  brand new fleece blankets to donate to our friends at the Isaiah Alonso Foundation.

The Isaiah Alonso Foundation is a public charity that was founded in memory of 6-year-old Isaiah Alonso.  Isaiah collasped in front of his parents in September 2010 and was rushed to the hospital.  He suffered severe brain damage from complications of lymphoma.  The lymphoma was not diagnosed until that day.  He never regained consciousnesses and passed away soon after.  Isaiah loved to wear superhero costumes and loved to dance to Michael Jackson songs.

The foundation also has a gift shop where you can purchase wonderful merchandise to help them in their mission to help children who have cancer.  The Foundation is also on Facebook so be sure to stop by their page and “like” them.

The Isaiah Alonso Foundation Mission statement:

Our Mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer and raise money to lighten the financial strain on families dealing with this type of crisis. We provide financial assistance, as well as any other assistance necessary on an individual basis. It’s also our mission to help fund a cure. Together we can make a difference, helping one family at a time.”    

We are very happy to be collecting blankets, and look forward to a very long relationship with the Isaiah Alonso Foundation,  It is our hope to be able to deliver enough blankets to give to every child who is battling cancer, to provide them with comfort and warmth as they go through their treatments.

Child-sized brand new fleece blankets

With the holidays fast approaching, this is the perfect time to think about donating a child-sized blanket.   If you have a fleece fabric you would like to donate, you can contact us here in the comments or at:  We accept brand new fleece fabric and no sew fleece fabric kits (available at many craft stores).  Don’t have the time or not sure how to put a kit together?  No problem, we can put the kits and fabric donations together for you.  Not sure about sizing or measurements?  We invite you to take a moment to look at our FAQ tab and Guidelines tab above this post to see our recommendations for donating child-sized blankets.

*If your community group would like to donate to us here at Layers of Love, please contact us: We have worked, and continue to work, with several groups, giving directions of how to put the blankets together, supplying scissors, even gathering more volunteers for your group if needed.  Making blankets truly is community collaboration at its best!*


Bottom Line

I need help.  I need blankets.  The bottom line is we are collecting fleece blankets for chemotherapy patients and the donations have stalled.  I have set a goal of 74 blankets and I will not rest until I hit that goal.

You want to help and aren’t sure what you can do?  It’s very simple there are many ways you can help out.

  • You want to donate a blanket.  Easy as clicking a few links over there —-> in our side bar.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • You don’t know how to prepare the fleece blankets?  Simple, just have the blanket shipped to us: Layers of Love 665 Pine St. Palmerton Pa 18071 and we will put the blanket together for you.
  • You can’t donate a blanket at this time but still want to help.  Did you know you can also donate fleece fabric?  Yes you can we have several volunteers who are willing to sew blankets for us.
  • You can’t donate a blanket or material at this time but still want to help us out.  Share our links.  Sharing our links helps us get the word out and if you share our link with even 10 friends and one friend helps us, that is a HUGE help  to the chemotherapy patients we are providing blankets for.
  • Layers of Love on Facebook
  • Layers of Love website
  • Layers of Love on Twitter

If you have any questions please see our FAQ,  or Donations Guidelines tab at the top of the page.  If you need to contact us you can do so through the comments here or by emailing us at: or

I appreciate everyone who has helped us out with our drive, and thank you for your help.  Together we can make a big difference in providing comfort and warmth to those going through chemotherapy treatment.

That’s the Bottom Line.  I hope you can help us out.

Another Way To Help the Donation Drive

For those of you who do not have a craft store near you where you can purchase kits and have never made a homemade hand tied fleece blanket before, and would love to help us out with the blanket donation drive but aren’t quite sure how to, we have great news to announce today!

Perhaps you have seen the latest blankets that were donated to our blanket drive earlier this week.

These are hand sewn fleece blankets.  They are beautiful aren’t they?

Here at Layers of Love we know not everyone has the stores where they live that carry the No Sew Blanket kits.  We also know that many of you would love to help out with our blanket drive but aren’t sure how to help if the kits aren’t available to you. We now have an exciting new way for those of you to be able to help our donation drive.

Today we are very happy to announce that we have a volunteer who would like to sew these blankets for us.  We are now able to accept donated fleece fabric!! With a great deal of thanks to our talented volunteer, we will be able to have the blankets prepared and ready to use from your generous fabric donations.

What kind of fleece fabric should can we use?  We can use basically any kind.  Remember, these blankets are going to adult chemotherapy patients, both male and female.  You could choose a sports theme, a patterned theme, or just a solid colored fabric.  We recommend that the fabric be at least 72 inches in length.

You can ship your fabric donation to:

Layers of Love

665 Pine St.

Palmerton PA 18071

Your fleece blanket donations are making it possible for a cancer patient to have comfort and warmth as they are  undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Cooper Cancer Institute in Voorhees, New Jersey  We are so thankful and grateful for all the donations we have received so far.  None of this would be possible without all of your help. Thank you!

We are also very grateful for those of you who have contacted Layers of Love with your ideas, we are working very hard to implement many of your ideas.  If you have an idea, or suggestion, or would like to volunteer to sew blankets for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can do so through the comments below or reach us through our email at