The Isaiah Alonso Foundation

Today, Layers of Love is proud to announce that we are now working hard to collect  brand new fleece blankets to donate to our friends at the Isaiah Alonso Foundation.

The Isaiah Alonso Foundation is a public charity that was founded in memory of 6-year-old Isaiah Alonso.  Isaiah collasped in front of his parents in September 2010 and was rushed to the hospital.  He suffered severe brain damage from complications of lymphoma.  The lymphoma was not diagnosed until that day.  He never regained consciousnesses and passed away soon after.  Isaiah loved to wear superhero costumes and loved to dance to Michael Jackson songs.

The foundation also has a gift shop where you can purchase wonderful merchandise to help them in their mission to help children who have cancer.  The Foundation is also on Facebook so be sure to stop by their page and “like” them.

The Isaiah Alonso Foundation Mission statement:

Our Mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer and raise money to lighten the financial strain on families dealing with this type of crisis. We provide financial assistance, as well as any other assistance necessary on an individual basis. It’s also our mission to help fund a cure. Together we can make a difference, helping one family at a time.”    

We are very happy to be collecting blankets, and look forward to a very long relationship with the Isaiah Alonso Foundation,  It is our hope to be able to deliver enough blankets to give to every child who is battling cancer, to provide them with comfort and warmth as they go through their treatments.

Child-sized brand new fleece blankets

With the holidays fast approaching, this is the perfect time to think about donating a child-sized blanket.   If you have a fleece fabric you would like to donate, you can contact us here in the comments or at:  We accept brand new fleece fabric and no sew fleece fabric kits (available at many craft stores).  Don’t have the time or not sure how to put a kit together?  No problem, we can put the kits and fabric donations together for you.  Not sure about sizing or measurements?  We invite you to take a moment to look at our FAQ tab and Guidelines tab above this post to see our recommendations for donating child-sized blankets.

*If your community group would like to donate to us here at Layers of Love, please contact us: We have worked, and continue to work, with several groups, giving directions of how to put the blankets together, supplying scissors, even gathering more volunteers for your group if needed.  Making blankets truly is community collaboration at its best!*


Providing Comfort and Warmth for Children

Today marks another beginning for Layers of Love. We are very proud and extremely happy to announce that as of today we are kicking off a brand new campaign!

As of today we will begin accepting homemade fleece blanket donations for children who are going through chemotherapy treatment.  Since I began Layers of Love, I have always known that working with children who have been diagnosed with cancer would become a reality.  Not only will we be helping provide comfort and warmth for children who are going through chemotherapy treatment but we are very excited to be working with the wonderful children’s charity Friends Like Us. As many of you will remember we worked with them last year as well.  I was so impressed with their work and what they are doing for children who have cancer that I wanted to be able to work with them again and help out in any way possible.

Friends Like Us provides Chemo Bear Packages for children who have cancer.  This Chemo Bear Package contains:

  • A bear
  • A Book- I’m a Kid Living with Cancer
  • An implantofix/port with tubing in a bears chest
  • A real stethoscope
  • Medical bag with accessories
  • Bears diagnoses report
  • Bear shirt
  • Chemo hat/bandanna
  • Friendship heart
  • A gift
  • Greeting Card
  • Birthday Surprise on child’s birthday
  • A music CD for the parents

With the help of your blanket donations to Layers of Love, we are very happy to add homemade fleece blankets to the Friends Like Us Chemo Bear Packages. Isn’t this a wonderful package for a child who has just been diagnosed with cancer?  We think it’s pretty fantastic.

You want to donate but don’t know where to start?

Donating is very easy!  Just take a look over at our sidebar right here on our blog.  For your convenience we have selected a few No Sew Fleece Blanket Kit patterns that we recommend from JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Stores, and put the links there.  The donation process for child sized blankets is exactly the same as it works for the adult sized.  When you donate your blanket, you will still send it directly to us, and we will package it with our ribbon and tags and send it over to Friends Like Us.  If you are making a blanket yourself the measurements for the child sized blankets are slightly different from the adult requirement, the child sized blanket should measure 48″ x 60″. As always, if you don’t have time or don’t know how to put a blanket together all you have to do is ship it to us, we are very happy to be able to put it together for you.  If you are ordering a blanket directly from the links on our sidebar, you can have the blankets shipped from JoAnn’s right to us, just put our address in form when ordering.   You can find our address under the Contact Us tab above this post.  If you have any additional questions about donating to us, check out our FAQ tab, also above this post.

The best part of all of this is that not only will we be providing comfort and warmth for children now with the help of Friends Like Us, but we will continue to collect donated blankets for adults too.  We will be running both campaigns side by side together this year.

We are very close to completion of our goal for the Lehigh Valley Health Network and when that goal is completed we will be announcing the next cancer center we will be collecting donated blankets to benefit.  We have a very exciting year planned for Layers of Love!  We know that without your generous donations we would not be able to provide these blankets that are providing comfort and warmth for chemotherapy patients.   We are very grateful and appreciative of your help.  As long as there are chemotherapy patients, we will be working hard to make sure they are provided with a blanket.

Please be sure to visit the Friends Like Us website to see all the wonderful work they are doing for children with cancer. Friends Like Us is a nonprofit childhood cancer organization with a goal to help children who have been devastated by cancer.   They do great work and are truly a wonderful organization.