3 Years, 600 Blankets and Counting!

Tying BlanketsLayers of Love was launched on February 24, 2010.  We are nearing our three year anniversary.  Layers of Love began because of a simple need, one terrible side effect of chemotherapy treatment is being susceptible to cold.

Fleece Blanket Donations

In just under three years we have provided over 600 brand new fleece blankets to chemotherapy patients all over the United States and Canada.  We have received donations from all over the world.  We have donated blankets to Cancer infusion centers all over the United States, from Miami to New York City, from Camden, New Jersey to Milwaukee, from California to North Carolina and many more locations. We collect  both adult sized blankets and pediatric sized blankets.  We collect pediatric size blankets for two wonderful organizations: Chai Lifeline and The Isiah Alonso Foundation.  We have also shipped blankets that have been privately requested by loved ones for their friends, family members, and work colleagues.  We have received requests through our twitter account, our facebook page and through email.  Layers of Love is proud to say that we have never turned down a request for a blanket.  In fact, we have even been able to fulfill requests that have come in for multiple blankets to infusion centers from both nurses and patients.

The reason we have been able to provide so many chemotherapy patients with comfort and warmth is because of generous people just like you.  We have so many friends of Layers of Love donate blankets so that we can continue on our mission.

Community Groups

We have had community groups, church groups, Girl Scout Troops, Brownie Troops, a Life ScoutUniversity dorms, Summer Camp programs plus incredible individuals that have continuously donated blankets to us time and time again.   We are so grateful and thank you for all the support, and blanket donations we have received over the past three years.  With each day that passes by we become more and more committed to providing comfort and warmth to chemotherapy patients.  We do not intend on stopping until each and every chemotherapy patient has a blanket to provide them with comfort and warmth as they go through their treatment. What three years has taught us is that not only are we warming a chemotherapy patient’s body with our blankets, we are also warming their hearts.  What three years has taught us, is that when a chemotherapy patient receives a brand new fleece blanket that was donated from a complete stranger, their face lights up, their hope is raised,  they don’t feel so alone, their heart is indeed warmed. We hope that as we begin on this next year of our journey that you will continue to support our mission, to help us carry on the comfort and warmth.

If you would like to donate a brand new fleece blanket to Layers of Love and aren’t sure where to begin, be sure to visit our website. Check out the FAQ/Guideline tab for more information.


Continuing to Provide Comfort and Warmth

Layers of  Love is very proud of the fact that not only have we collected a large amount of brand new fleece blankets to give to cancer centers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but behind the scenes we have also donated blankets to every person who has contacted us privately.

Although we are not always active on twitter or our facebook wall on a daily basis, we continue to strive to help as many chemotherapy patients as we possibly can. We have made it our goal that we will not stop collecting blankets until there are no more chemotherapy patients to provide comfort and warmth to in the form of a brand new fleece blanket.

We recently received this generous donation of brand new fleece blankets from Girl Scout Troop 318 in Crestview Florida.  We are very appreciative of all their hard work in not only putting the  blankets together but raising the funds to purchase the kits.  The blankets are beautiful!  Thank you!

If you would like to donate and aren’t sure how to get started here’s a few easy ways you can join us in helping chemotherapy patients:

  • Click the links on our sidebar, these will take you to blankets that we recommend for patients.  You don’t have to order from those links, you can purchase a kit from a local store in your area and simple mail it out to us.
  • We collect both adult-sized and child-sized blankets.
  • We recommend 72 inch blankets for adults and 48 inch for children.
  • Don’t know how or don’t have the time to put together a blanket but still would like to purchase one?  No problem, you can have it shipped directly to us and we will put it together for you!
  • Did you know that simply by sharing our website or our facebook page you can help us in a BIG way?  The more people we can reach and spread our mission to, that translates into more blanket donations which in turn helps  more cancer patients.
  • Involved with a community group and would like to donate blankets to us?  We’ve worked with many community groups and can guide you through the whole process.  It’s easy and a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Simply email us at donations@layersoflove.net and we will work out all the details with you and your group.
All of this would not be possible without the generous donations we have received from people all over the United States and across the globe from as far away as Ireland.  We thank you all for your donations. 

Life Scout lifts blanket drive to new heights

This is a huge day for Layers of Love. To be honest, one I knew would come, but just not as quickly as it did.  I mean I set the goal of 74 blankets by Sept. 2, because that is my dad’s birthday.  Honestly, I really didn’t think we would hit that goal date.  I knew we’d hit the goal, I just wasn’t sure when it would be.

However, a young man had a different idea.  I would like to introduce you to Sam Keefer.  Sam contacted me a few months back about the possibility of doing his Eagle Scout project to benefit Layers of Love. His mom saw an article on Layers of Love in the Cooper Hospital newsletter and thought it would be a great project for Sam to take on.

And take it on he did.  And in a BIG way.

The 17-year-old held a fundraiser at the local bowling alley,  accepted monetary donations and blanket kits from family, friends, the instructors and students of the National Karate Institute and Greater Harmony Yoga, our Church Community at Holy Eucharist in Tabernacle and  the Mt. Laurel scouting community, raising enough money to buy more than 50 fleece blanket kits… 54 to be exact.

Sam then organized a blanket tying event at a local church.  He invited everyone to come help cut the blankets and then tie them all together.  So on Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon, many people gathered to help him complete his project.  It was a fantastic event.  He also served bottled water, coffee, donuts and fruit for everyone who volunteered.

Sam had two cutting rooms set up where volunteers prepared all the blankets to be tied.  After the blankets were cut, they were then moved  into another room where  volunteers waited to tie the blankets.  Once the blankets were tied they were folded and placed into bags for transportation to Cooper Cancer Institute in Voorhees, New Jersey.   Sam organized the project from start to finish.  It required a lot of time, effort and hard work.  It was by all accounts a huge success.

Volunteers at the blanket tying event for Sam’s Eagle Scout project
Sam and his Eagle Scout project

Yesterday Sam delivered the blankets to Cooper Cancer Institute. The employees at Cooper were overwhelmed at how many blankets Sam was delivering.  They were completely blown away over his Eagle Scout project.  Pictured below is Sam with the blankets and Bonnie Mehr, Manager of the Dr. Diane Barton Complementary Medicine Program Cooper Cancer Institute – Cooper University Hospital.

Sam and a Bonnie Mehr from Cooper Hospital
Wow!  Sam’s Eagle Scout project produced 54 blankets for delivery!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and his family at the blanket event he held on Saturday morning.  They are a wonderful family.  Sam is an amazing young man who will begin his senior year of high school in the fall.  He said he was looking into political science or history as his major in when he moves on to college, but hasn’t made a final decision.  I don’t think it matters what path Sam chooses to do in his future, because I know he will be a success no matter what.

I cannot thank Sam and his family enough.  What they have given to me and Layers of Love is an amazing gift.  Not only the blankets, but just crossing paths with him and his family has made such a big impact on me.  I am so happy for the all the chemotherapy patients who will now have comfort and warmth as they go through their treatments.

If you haven’t donated and would like to do so there is still time.  Even though our blanket drive hit our goal, the donation drive still continues as we are scheduling one more trip to Cooper Cancer Institute before September to deliver the last of the blankets that we have waiting here.  You can send your blanket donation to: Layers of Love  665 Pine St. Palmerton Pa 18071   THANK YOU!