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Welcome to Layers of Love in the News.

Did you know?  Layers of Love continues to provide blankets for pediatric cancer patients.  We are proud to provide comfort and warmth to pediatric cancer patients through the two wonderful charities, The Isaiah Alonso Foundation and Chai Lifeline.


Recently Layers of Love was featured in an article written by Charalotte Hill on the website.

We are thrilled not only because this will help get our word out about what we are doing, but we will be able to grow our mission across not only communities, but the country, and hopefully not too far down the road, across the world.  Cancer knows no boundaries, cancer does not discriminate.  This terrible disease effects us all.  We are thrilled to be looked at as a model of what you in your community can do to help spread our mission of providing comfort and warmth to chemotherapy patients everywhere.  As long as there are chemotherapy patients (both children and adults) we will work hard to provide them with a warm fleece blanket.

Read the full article.


October 15, 2010 Layers of Love is proud to be working alongside the following sponsor: Last Straw Media.

Last Straw Media is a proud sponsor of Layers of Love and supports its mission to provide comfort to chemotherapy patients one blanket at at time.  Last Straw Media is a full-service social media marketing company combining the power of social media, traditional media and PR to effectively market your company’s brand.

Learn more about Last Straw Media at


October 1, 2010 Layers of Love was recently featured in The Times News newspaper.

“Chemotherapy patients suffer a terrible side effect of treatment, [such as] being susceptible to cold,” Beidleman said. “The first time I sat with my parents in the waiting room of the Cooper Cancer Institute, I was struck by not just the number of patients who walked through the door, but by how many of them carried a tote bag with a fleece blanket tucked inside.”

You can read the rest of the article here:


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