A Difficult Decision

Over the past few months I have been agonizing over the difficult decision of the future of Layers of Love.  I began Layers of Love as a way to provide comfort and warmth to chemotherapy patients both children and adults in honor of my Dad who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Over the past 5 years I have donated close to 1000 blankets to chemotherapy patients across the United States and Canada. Donated blankets have been shipped to Sloan Kettering in NYC, Infusion Centers in Milwaukee, California, North Carolina, Louisiana, the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Cooper Cancer Center, Cooper University Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital and I have partnered with The Isaiah Alonso Foundation – a foundation near and dear to my heart.  I am very proud of the donations I was able to make through Layers of Love and the support of those who prepared and donated blankets to us for chemotherapy patients.

Over these past 5 years Layers of Love has never turned down a private request for a blanket.

There is also the shipping costs to consider. For the most part I have funded shipping blankets completely on my own. There have also been a few friends who have helped me with shipping costs over the past few years, for which I am grateful. Shipping a typical adult sized blanket runs anywhere from around $8.00 to $13.00 depending on where in the country it is going.  Adult blankets are the majority of the private requests I receive.

I chose this route for Layers of Love because I didn’t want to lose the simplicity or over complicate what the vision for Layers of Love is and knew because of my decision, unfortunately that Layers of Love would not be able to sustain itself forever.

I am also grateful for the generous donations from private individuals who I never had the pleasure of meeting, the many community groups, including school groups, camps, after school programs, universities, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, sport programs, and church groups. Thank you.

Because of the high costs to keep Layers of Love afloat, I have made the difficult decision to close the website down.

Layers of Love is a part of my being, my fabric, who I am.  I have had the support of many to help start Layers of Love, and keep Layers of Love growing over the years.  I couldn’t have done this without their support.  Thank you.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to honor my Dad and his life by founding Layers of Love.  I am also grateful for the friendships I’ve made through Layers of Love, the work I’ve done, the patients I’ve met who have in turn, changed my life for the better and my close friends who have supported Layers of Love from the start. I can’t thank you all enough for your love and support. Thank you.


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