Making Blankets is Community Collaboration at its Best!

With the turning of your calendar to September, fall begins to usher in with cooler temperatures, and students young and old begin a new year in school.  This is the time that many community* groups begin to form and start up once again.  This is the perfect time to begin thinking about community* projects.

Layers of Love lends itself perfectly to these projects.

Here’s what some participants have told us about making blankets:

They enjoyed making these blankets very much and are glad that the blankets will bring comfort to children undergoing chemotherapy.” ~Girl Scout Troop 824’s Leader

“People just kept giving and giving, and it allowed us to buy more to make more.” ~Diane Huber who’s church group donated several times to Layers of Love.

“The children’s little fingers were so happy to tying blankets that were going to provide comfort for chemotherapy patients.”  ~Bethany Wesley Church’s Youth Group Leader

“It’s really important to me that these women who receive these blankets know that they have support and prayers from all the girls in our dorm.” ~Karis, student at Purdue University, and Windsor Residence Hall Social Director

“When is the next Fleece Blanket Tying Night? I hope you have another one!”  ~Participant of blanket tying community event at the Palmerton Library

“Just let us know when!”  ~Participant during our first Family Fun Blanket Tying Night, when asked if they’d like to join our blanket tying night again.

We have been closely involved in several community projects that were completed for Layers of Love and one very BIG underlying sentiment is always present with every occasion:  friendship, conversation, collaboration and accomplishment.  There is something magical that happens when several people are gathered around the same blanket working together to complete it.  During those community events we often hear: “Wow, we made all the blankets already?  Time really flew by!  Are you having another blanket tying event?  We’d like to join in again! This is a lot of fun!”

The most important part of the community’s* group efforts is the chemotherapy patients who will benefit from these brand new fleece blankets.  Even in the warmest of temperatures outdoors or even indoors, a terrible side effect of chemotherapy is being cold.  These blankets will provide a patient with comfort and warmth.  The blankets will not only warm their body but will also warm their hearts.  Just by knowing someone they’ve never met took time and made them a blanket can turn their whole journey with this terrible disease around.

If your community* group is starting up again for the fall we hope you will consider a project making blankets for Layers of Love.

You would like to make blankets but aren’t sure where to start, check out our Putting It All Together post. With step-by-step instructions of how to prepare a blanket.  Need sizing information see our FAQ page.   Looking for other information that you didn’t see on our FAQ page be sure to check out our Guidelines page.  If you have any questions/concerns that were not addressed in the links above please contact us in the comments below or at our email:  We collect blankets for both adult and pediatric cancer patients.

If your community* group would like to donate blankets to Layers of Love and would like some help to get started let us know.  We have worked, and continue to work, with several groups, giving directions of how to put the blankets together, supplying scissors, even gathering more volunteers for your group if needed.  Making blankets truly is community collaboration at its best!

*Community group: High School group, Senior Project, Scout Project, Senior Citizen Project, Girl Scout Troop, Boy Scouts, Youth group, Church group.


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