Let’s Talk Cancer

I am thrilled and excited that this Thursday, May 3 I will have the honor of being a guest on the radio show Let’s Talk Cancer.  The radio show can be found at WWDB-AM 860 on your radio dial or you can listen live on their website.

Taken from the mission statement of WWDB-AM 860:

“With it’s powerful 10,000 watt signal, WWDB-AM 860 is heard loud and clear throughout the Delaware Valley.  WWDB-AM 860 is “Made in America” radio, homegrown and proud.  

“But there is another important dimension to the line-up at WWDB-AM 860 and that’s talk radio.  WWDB-AM 860 is the legacy Talk Radio Station and people come here to the 555 Building to broadcast their programs Live and Local.  WWDB is proud to make airtime available for those serious broadcasters with a unique point of view, with voices that need a radio platform on which to be heard.” 

Let’s Talk Cancer is hosted by Kim Cirucci and Denise Ciliberti-Sosalski.  “They are two friends who talk the Big-C.  Kim is living with cancer and her friend Denise is by her side for honest heartfelt conversation.  They are two south Philly girls on a mission to spread hope and cheer for everyone effected by the disease.”  Kim and Denise truly have a global reach.  On their show they  interview people who are effected by cancer from all over the world.  Last week they interviewed Anne who resides in Ireland.

On Kim and Denise’s show they spread hope, inspiration and the cancer journey with their listeners.  I look forward to be joining them both to talk about cancer and Layers of Love.  It promises to be a great show.  I hope you will join us at LIVE at 12:30 pm est this Thursday, May 3.  If you can’t make the show live be sure to check their website for the podcast recording of the show, where you can listen to all their previous shows as well.


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