Continuing to Provide Comfort and Warmth

Layers of  Love is very proud of the fact that not only have we collected a large amount of brand new fleece blankets to give to cancer centers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but behind the scenes we have also donated blankets to every person who has contacted us privately.

Although we are not always active on twitter or our facebook wall on a daily basis, we continue to strive to help as many chemotherapy patients as we possibly can. We have made it our goal that we will not stop collecting blankets until there are no more chemotherapy patients to provide comfort and warmth to in the form of a brand new fleece blanket.

We recently received this generous donation of brand new fleece blankets from Girl Scout Troop 318 in Crestview Florida.  We are very appreciative of all their hard work in not only putting the  blankets together but raising the funds to purchase the kits.  The blankets are beautiful!  Thank you!

If you would like to donate and aren’t sure how to get started here’s a few easy ways you can join us in helping chemotherapy patients:

  • Click the links on our sidebar, these will take you to blankets that we recommend for patients.  You don’t have to order from those links, you can purchase a kit from a local store in your area and simple mail it out to us.
  • We collect both adult-sized and child-sized blankets.
  • We recommend 72 inch blankets for adults and 48 inch for children.
  • Don’t know how or don’t have the time to put together a blanket but still would like to purchase one?  No problem, you can have it shipped directly to us and we will put it together for you!
  • Did you know that simply by sharing our website or our facebook page you can help us in a BIG way?  The more people we can reach and spread our mission to, that translates into more blanket donations which in turn helps  more cancer patients.
  • Involved with a community group and would like to donate blankets to us?  We’ve worked with many community groups and can guide you through the whole process.  It’s easy and a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Simply email us at and we will work out all the details with you and your group.
All of this would not be possible without the generous donations we have received from people all over the United States and across the globe from as far away as Ireland.  We thank you all for your donations. 

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