Happy Father’s Day

As I celebrate Father’s Day this year, I am so grateful that my father has survived his bout with stage 3 colon cancer. And as of today, he is cancer free and in great health.

I started Layers of Love with two simple things in mind: a need and a passion.  In my Welcome post on February 24, 2010, I outlined both.

“The first time I sat with my parents in the waiting room of the Cooper Cancer Institute, I was struck by not just the number of patients who walked through the door, but by how many of them carried a tote bag with a fleece blanket tucked inside.

As my mom and I walked my dad in for his appointment, the reason became apparent – the temperature in the treatment room dropped considerably. The first thing my dad said as he settled into his chair was, “I sure wish I brought my blanket with me…it’s cold in here!” Not only is the room kept cooler, but as we all soon learned, being cold is a side effect of chemotherapy.

While hospital blankets are of course provided, they are the standard, thin sort. Hardly the type I’d imagine would provide any real warmth and comfort. Judging by the blankets other patients chose to bring, fleece is the fabric of choice.”

Thus, the idea was born. I felt incredibly helpless to my dad while he was in the battle of his life. I knew I had to do something; I wanted to do something for him, for everyone in that treatment room.  So over a year later, I still have that passion, while my dad is doing great there are so many patients, dads, grandpas, uncles, brothers, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters who are not doing as well.  They are still battling this terrible disease, still in need of comfort and warmth as they go through their treatment.  Going through these treatments is not easy.

There are many patients who do not have a support system.  They are battling this disease alone.  It’s amazing what a difference a simple fleece blanket can make to a patient.  So on this Father’s Day, I pay tribute to my Dad by continuing to collect donated blankets for chemotherapy patients.  As long as there are chemotherapy patients we will be doing our best to collect blankets to supply to keep them comforted and warm as they go through their treatment.

So to my dad I say Happy Father’s Day, I love you.  In honor of you, Layers of Love, my passion continues to go on.


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