Secret Sisters with a Big Heart

If you follow Layers of Love on facebook you might remember we posted a link from our local paper of a photograph back in December of a group of women from St. Matthew’s UCC located in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania.  The Secret Sisters from St. Matthew’s UCC held their annual Christmas party, where they revealed their secret identities, and through donations they purchased fleece material, and at their party they put their blankets together to donate to Layers of Love.

As many of you are aware it was a very rough winter here in Pennsylvania, we had a LOT of snow.  I tried to connect a few times with the event’s co- organizer Diane Huber, though we had valiant efforts to get together the weather had other ideas.   However, we finally got to connect at St. Matthew’s UCC and I got to meet a lot of the wonderful women who donated not only material, but their time and talent to make beautiful fleece blankets for chemotherapy patients.

They had a surprise for me, their donation turned out to be double what they had predicted when they planned their Christmas event.  As Diane Huber mentioned to me that morning, “People just kept giving and giving, and it allowed us to buy more.”

The Secret Sisters of St. Matthew's UCC blanket donations.

The blankets are beautiful, I had a wonderful time meeting the Secret Sisters of St. Matthew’s UCC and I am very grateful for their BIG hearts, and their wonderful donation.  With their help, we are now able to provide comfort and warmth to even more cancer patients are they go through their chemotherapy treatment.  Thank you!

*If your group is interested in working with us please leave us a message in the comments or you can reach us at  We have worked with many community groups and organizations, from providing you with enough scissors, to showing you how easy it is to put blankets together, we will help you to get your group on their way to making blankets!


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