Very Close to Another Goal!

If you haven’t donated to Layers of Love yet, and would like to, this is a great time.  We are getting very close, we are only 10 blankets away from our goal for the LVHN!

Donating to Layers of Love is very easy. We have put together a few easy ways you can donate along with some frequently asked questions about how to donate:

  • Don’t know what kind of blanket to donate? Take a look at our sidebar—-> we have updated the links to our favorite patterns of No Sew Fleece Blanket Kits available from JoAnn Fabric & Craft Strores.
  • Don’t know how to put together a kit or don’t have the time? Not a problem, simply ship it directly to us and we will put the blanket together for you.  All our contact/shipping information is available right under the “About” tab right above this post.
  • Can I purchase a blanket kit directly from the links you have provided on your sidebar? Yes you can.  You can go through the purchase process directly on the JoAnn’s website.  You can also have it shipped directly to us. When choosing a shipping address simply put our address in the space provided.  With a  few clicks of your computer mouse your donation is completed.
  • Don’t see a pattern you like in our recommended links on the sidebar? You can look over all of JoAnn’s available patterns and pick out one that you like the best to donate just by clicking the “Purchase Your Favorite Pattern” link on our sidebar.
  • I can make my own blankets, do I have to use a kit? Absolutely not, there are many fabric stores that sell fleece fabric in just about every pattern you could think of.  You can pick out fabric you like just make sure it measures 2 yards per piece.
  • I have found brand new fleece fabric in a pattern I love but don’t know how to make the blankets can I just donate the fabric? Yes, we accept brand new fleece fabric and we will take care of putting the blanket together.

If you have any questions about donating to Layers of Love you can also check out our “FAQ” tab above this post.  Still don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us directly by leaving a comment on this post or you can email us at:

Now is a great time to donate to Layers of Love if you checked out the recommended patterns link on our sidebar you will notice many of the blankets are now on sale for 50% off!!

We are looking forward to next year, after we complete our goal for the Lehigh Valley Health network,  we have a lot planned for Layers Of Love.  With your help we are hoping to be able to reach out in many areas, and help provide comfort and warmth to many more chemotherapy patients, both children and adults.  YOU are helping us to grow and be able to reach more patients with every blanket donation! Thank you for donating to Layers of Love, we appreciate your help.


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