Community Collaboration for Chemotherapy Patients

Layers of Love is still working hard to reach our goal for the chemotherapy patients at the Lehigh Valley Health Network.  We are getting closer to our goal, and this is a BIG part of how we are reaching that goal.

A while back I received an email from a wonderful woman who had 3 bolts of fleece fabric she wanted to donate to us here at Layers of Love.

3 Bolts of White Fleece Fabric

What a very generous donation!  I was so excited, not only for the donation but also because I knew that it would be able to open the door for even more donations to us.  And open the door it has!  It has enabled not only individuals but community groups to do more with less fabric. I am so grateful that Elizabeth contacted us and we will be able to benefit so many more chemotherapy patients from her donation.  She has continued to be in my thoughts and prayers since the day I had the pleasure of meeting her and her daughter. Elizabeth herself has been going through chemotherapy treatments.  We pray she is doing well.

Since I have received the 3 bolts of fabric, I have received other donations of fabric, this has enabled me to be able to pair two parts of donated fabric from two different sources together, to help more chemotherapy patients.

Collaboration of 2 Pieces of Donated Fabric to Make One Blanket

Layers of Love has been working with several groups that have chosen us to benefit from their community projects. When we are contacted by a group looking to help us out, we try to do all that we can to help them complete their goal. Recently we were contacted by a youth group leader at Bethany Wesleyan Church, which is a local church here where we are located.  They wanted to make their fabric go as far as possible to help us help as many chemotherapy patients as they could.  So I told them we had donated fabric here that they could pair up with the fabric they had and we could collaborate to make their fabric go further.  Their youth group met last week and look at the fantastic work they did with both fabrics!

Bethany Wesleyan Church's Beautiful Homemade Fleece Blankets

We are giving them a BIG thank you for all their hard work.  This is exactly what I was so excited about when we received the generous donation of the 3 bolts of fabric.  I knew it would open the door to help more people and groups to be able to have a hand in helping even more chemotherapy patients.

Community collaboration for chemotherapy patients.  It is a win win situation no matter how you look at it.

*If you have a fleece fabric you would like to donate, you can contact us here in the comments or at:  We accept brand new fleece fabric and no sew fleece fabric kits (available at many craft stores).  Don’t have the time, or not sure how to put a kit together?  No problem, we can put the kits and fabric donations together for you.   More information is in our FAQ tab and Guidelines tab above this post.*

*If your community group would like to donate to us here at Layers of Love, feel free to contact us: We have and continue to work with several groups, giving directions of how to put the blankets together, supplying scissors, even gathering more volunteers for your group if needed.  Making blankets truly is community collaboration at it’s best!*


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