Layers of Love and the Lehigh Valley Health Network

Providing comfort and warmth to chemotherapy patients one blanket at a time

Today Layers of Love is happy to announce that we are now going to be collecting donated homemade fleece blankets for the chemotherapy patients at the Lehigh Valley Health Network. It’s health network has two Cancer Centers that we will be donating to: the Cancer Center at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest and the Cancer Center at Lehigh Valley Hopspital-Mulhenberg.

The cancer centers in the Lehigh Valley Health Network are the fourth largest in Pennsylvania, and care for over 2400 patients a year.  The cancer centers are part of the LVHN which also includes:  burn care and recovery, children’s care, emergency and trama care, heart care, neuroscience care, a weight management center, orthopedic care and other services.

We are very excited to be working to help provide comfort and warmth to the chemotherapy patients locally, here in the Lehigh Valley area.   We have set our first goal for the LVHN at 25 blankets. We are hoping you can help us to reach our first goal.  If you have any questions or are not sure about how to donate to blankets to Layers of Love please check out our donations guidelines and FAQ tabs above this post.  For any other questions please email us at:


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