A BIG Thank You!

Today I am taking time on this blog to give a big thank you to Cooper University Hospital Health Network which includes Cooper University Hospital and Cooper Cancer Institute. As you are probably aware when I set out on this journey, I did so along with my father, while he went through his chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, for colorectal cancer.   I am happy to tell you all that my father had a scan in August after he had completed all of his radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and the scan results came back that there was no sign of cancer.  He is officially a survivor.

Layers of Love was born out of an idea, to provide comfort and warmth for patients who are going through chemotherapy treatments.  When we started Layers of Love we set a goal of 74 blankets by Sept 2.  I am very happy to say that we achieved that goal.  Thanks to the generosity of many.   In fact, we went over our goal by 15 blankets!  We were thrilled to be able to provide so many chemotherapy patients with the gift of comfort and warmth in the form of homemade fleece blankets.

Now that we have completed our goal for Cooper Cancer Institute, we wanted to take time to thank its health network for all of their support.  The doctors, nurses, marketing department, their entire staff is amazing, and went out of their way to help us reach our goal.  Not only did Cooper include us in its newsletters, they promoted us on their facebook page and on their twitter account, not just once but many, many times over.  We realize that we would have never grown to be such a big success without its support throughout our blanket drive.  We are very grateful for all of their help.  Thank you for all you have done for Layers of Love.

The good news is the blanket drive will continue on Monday. We will announce all the details right here on the blog.


One thought on “A BIG Thank You!

  1. Congratulations Patty! That’s great news!!! I’m so happy to hear your father is doing so well!

    Wishing you continued success! And blessings always…

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